A question we get asked quite frequently here at Emerge is ‘what exactly are infographics’?

Many of our clients have heard of the term and understand that they are becoming more popular in this digital age, but are unsure of what exactly they are, how they are created and what they can bring to a business.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a moment to answer some of those questions!

In our opinion ‘infographic’ is a word for any visual representation and simplification of information or data.

This means they can include traditional methods of showcasing data – such as tables, charts, and graphs – on printed material, as well as methods found in online media, such as moving text and animations.

In short, an infographic is a simple, creative, and visually stimulating way to present information to your target audience – whatever your sector.

The rise of infographics has coincided with the prevalence of companies using their social media channels as an integral part of a wider marketing campaign and it’s easy to understand why.

By their very nature infographics are perfect for social media!

By being visually stimulating, short and snappy, yet informative, they are just right for engaging with audiences on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook on topics which might otherwise come across as mundane.

Not only that, infographics can be an extremely cost-effective creation which, when combined with their simplicity and effectiveness, make them a winner!

ABB Infographic and Roll Up Design

Here at Emerge, we love creating infographics for our clients

In a previous project, we joined forces with the ABB Group – a global technology company specialising in power and automation – for a display of infographics regarding their commitment in assisting young people to think about a future career in the engineering sector.

By creating infographics for the company highlighting their involvement in STEM activities for students, the ABB Group received a visual and informative offering which they then used on banners at exhibitions and events to great effect.

Think an infographic would showcase an aspect of your business perfectly? If so, we’re sure we can help. Contact Harbinder today to discuss creating your next infographic, call 01952 632750 or email [email protected]