Direct mail is an effective way to reach out to customers, so it is important that you go that extra mile to create something extravagant and stand out from your competition.

When you mail out a direct mail piece there are a few key points to look out for and below we have outlined 5 tips to consider:

No 1

Personalise your content

Create a special design and try and understand who your customers are to help your consider the choice of words you use. When it comes to introducing your offer try and personalise it based on observable data.

No 2

Add more information

Include all the content you need for customers to make an informed decision. A few ways to accomplish this goal is by: using clear and attractive images, convey the right message by using incorporate graphics and text, include a reliable testimonial. You’re in competition with junk mail, so make sure you create something that is more appealing and engaging than an email.

No 3

Make sure you have a call-to-action

Ask your potential customer to call or visit your website. If you don’t include this then your company is just branding. Make it clear what you want from the reader by emphasising the next step to them.

No 4

Create a clear and effective headline

Encourage people to read your direct mail with creative copywriting. The headline is the most important part to the direct mail piece, as its what grabs their attention. If you don’t spend time on this then you’re minimising the chances of the rest of the mailer been read. A way to do this effectively is by putting your biggest benefit to the customer in the headline, or by an intriguing question. Making your reader feel like the message applies to them.

No 5

Create a campaign

Design a theme that will make your company memorable for new and existing customers. Your message needs to also be perceived as focused and consistent.

Now let’s look at some examples

Below are a selection of effective pieces that we think are spooooookily good.

Above is a creative Halloween gift based direct mail piece created by Horizon:

Above is a Domino’s direct mail piece. The layout clearly displays current offers and a food menu inside. The design is consistent with the Dominos red and blue corporate colour palette.

Virgin Mobile and Huawei teamed up to create the above folding direct mail piece to promote four new mobile phone models. The fold out design is engaging and mixes eye-catching imagery with cleary written copy.

Emerge have created this invitation pack for Nomique, that invited Buyers to a launch event. The event saw the release of a new brand and modular product range of furniture called Worksphere. Click here to view our full case study.

Here at Emerge we use this pop up direct mail piece to reach out to new customers.

Emerge can create you something Spooktacular!

We can design and dispatch your next direct mail piece. Get in touch with the studio to discuss your project by, emailing [email protected] or calling us on 01952 632750.

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