Today is Chinese New Year 2019, celebrating the year of the Pig!

For those who are born in the year of either 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019, you have the Animal Zodiac sign of the Pig 猪 (Zhū).

Pigs are said to have a beautiful and generous personality and are blessed with good fortune in life. Yet, known to have features of laziness and clumsiness. Regarding a Pig’s career, they have a small set back in 2019, but for entrepreneurs it is a good year to develop businesses.

Learn more and find out your Zodiac Animal by visiting:

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Using infographic design to promote Telford as a destination of future investment

Did you know that Telford is the birthplace of industry and that it is the fastest growing town in the West Midlands?

Nor did we… until we worked with Telford & Wrekin Council to design a promotional cover for the Midland Business Insider magazine.

The cover and advert was created in the style of a ‘Barn Door’ format. Meaning that the cover opened to reveal key messages inside and on the back. Emerge developed an infographic based concept to display all the information.

The campaign brief highlights Telford as a destination of growth, with the aim to attract further business investment into Telford.

View the mock ups of our final design below and contact us if you would like Emerge to create something special for your next advertising campaign.

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DK Exhibitions logo and apparel design

Emerge worked with DK Exhibitions to design a new logo as part of a branding refresh project.

The design is based on using ‘negative space’ to depict the letters D and K.

We also provided a set of logo guidelines and concept ideas for the teams work wear.

The next stage in the branding process will be to update their website and vehicle graphics.

DK exhibitions logo colourways

DK exhibitions logo guidelines

DK exhibitions t-shirt

DK exhibitions hoodie

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Christmas hamper competition results report

A creative way to boost your brand awareness on social media.

One of Emerge’s marketing strategies includes being proactive on social media platforms. For example, in June last year we added an Instagram business page to our social channel portfolio, which now currently has over 1,200 followers. We have also increased our following and connections on our existing Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We post on average 3-4 times a day. These posts include a variety of content, from industry news, self-promotion to interesting and relevant design facts.

At the end of 2018, we wanted to launch a social campaign, something different from the usual posts. The festive period was the perfect opportunity to start the challenge. We knew that posting Christmas content persistently throughout the period would gain a lot of engagement. We posted more than usual focusing on creating a festive and joyful mood for our followers.

We wanted more results from social media, so after browsing the internet and creating a mind map, our idea was to create a christmas hamper competition campaign. A competition can build a strong following, awareness and engagement. If you’re lucky it could also create sales and customers.

This is exactly what it has done for Emerge! The results were crazy, we did not expect the outcome.

Campaign Details

The christmas hamper competition was available to enter from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and we set up an online entry form on our website. For entries, the user had to follow steps shown below.

1.) Submit an email address using our online competition form.

2.) Like, follow, share or comment on the competition post on one of the following Emerge social media channels linked here; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

We felt it was also important to advise everyone that the snacks on offer may not be suitable for people with special dietary requirements and allergies. If that was the case other treats would have been arranged. We also added a GDPR compliant consent box on the online entry submission form.

So we could analyse which type received the most results, we created a variety of posts using different image card designs and videos. This way you can contemplate upon what type of post your audience will prefer and what will benefit your social media strategy.

Below are a selection of the posts.


View the results from each social channel below.


To boost the entries and awareness, we pinned the entry tweet on Twitter, and not surprisingly this specific tweet received the most impressions and total engagements from likes, retweets, and replies. Without paying to advertise, the pinned tweet received an astonishing 9,361 impressions. Amazing right? This would be a perfect way to start up your Twitter account to build an audience.

Below shows the difference between the engagement of an 18-day period of a normal date range compared to the 18-day period when the competition started and finished. The first screenshot shows a period of November 13th-30th and the second one is December 6th-18th.

Twitter’s results were evidently the most successful followed by Instagram, then Facebook and finally LinkedIn.

Competition Twitter post stats – November 13th-30th:
0.8% Engagement rate
12 Link clicks
2 Replies

Competition Twitter post stats – December 6th-18th:
4.0% Engagement rate
31 Link clicks
203 Replies

The pinned tweet counted 9,361 impressions.


Here are two posts from Instagram, one festive post from the start of December and the first competition entry post.

The generic festive message received less interaction:
0 Direct messages
1 Saved post
1 Profile Visits
104 People reached

The competition post received far more interaction and interest:
2 Direct messages
0 Saved post
23 Profile Visits
115 People reached


The same again for Facebook, this difference is crazy when you look at ‘people reached’. Again, showing one festive post from the start of December and the first competition entry post.

The generic festive message no interaction:
0 Engagements
0 Post clicks
31 People reached

The competition post received far more interaction and interest:
97 Engagements
18 Post clicks
281 People reached


Even though LinkedIn’s results were not as good as the other 3 platforms, the difference between the results of a general Christmas post before the hamper was advertised and when it was, was a success. LinkedIn and Instagram had been posted the most with 6 times, in comparison to Facebook 3 times and Twitter 5 times.

Yet, we suggest for more results, to pay to advertise your posts. But you may not feel like that is necessary. It would depend on your company size, budget and goal.

We would recommend considering this for your LinkedIn company page, as this platform received the least results, yet was posted the most times. However, positively every platform received more engagement than usual on the posts.

The generic festive message received no interaction:
0% Engagement rate
0% Click through rate
20 Impressions

The competition post received far more interaction and interest:
16.67% Engagement rate
6.41% Click through rate
78 Impressions

Results overview

The most successful types of posts with the most engagements have been the picture of the hamper on its own and the post that contained the image and entry instructions. Below is a summary of the results.

Competition entries:

  • Total entries: 2,027
  • How many people entered from the website: 1,659
  • How many people entered from social media: 368
  • LinkedIn: 7
  • Instagram: 100
  • Facebook: 39
  • Website: 2,029 page views


Maximum reach:

Most engagement:

Followers up from 196 to 257


Engagement rate:

Number of impressions:

Followers up from 34 to 60


Highest reach:

Number of impressions:

Followers up from 1,066 to 1,204


Total engagements:

Number of impressions:

Followers up from 950 to 1,202

Recommendations from our experience

Overall, the Christmas hamper event was a success for us at Emerge. We certainly will be doing another competition but with different aims in mind. We have achieved the goal of brand awareness, yet next time we will focus on how we turn this into conversions for new client enquiries. We have received 2,029 page hits on our website, but none of these views have converted into new work enquiries. However, this wasn’t entirely our goal this time. We wanted to spread a joyful spirit and develop our brand awareness. This is what we accomplished!

You could set yourself many goals such as:

  • Brand awareness
  • Website clicks
  • Followers
  • Engagements
  • App installs
  • Or to just have some fun with your social media

Are you wondering where to go from here?

Why not create your own Easter competition, this could be by creating a hamper like we did?

If you need help with us planning a competition for your social media, creating infographics or if you need a web page creating then get in contact with us. Email us on [email protected] or phone 01952 632750.

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Merry Christmas

Emerge are wishing you all a Happy Christmas!

Watch the video below and have a magical day…

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Festive posters and barrier branding for Discover Telford

Crowd and safety barriers don’t have to be plain and functional. Why not ask Emerge for a set of branded barrier covers? They are a great way to get your brand visible at festivals, sports events, concerts, processions and many other public events.

Emerge produced a series of barrier and poster designs that featured festive messages and imagery. The material was used at the Telford European Christmas Market and other local tourist attractions.

We worked with Discover Telford, who are part of the Telford & Wrekin Council, our brief was to keep the artwork consistent with other material created by Discover Telford.

Look at the designs below and contact us if you need something for your business or organisation?

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Emerge’s seasonal opening hours

The studio will be closed from 5pm on Friday 21st December until 9am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We wish you a joyful Christmas and a spectacular New Year.

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Enter our competition to win a Christmas Hamper

This competition has now closed. The draw took place on Tuesday 18th December. The winner was ‘Ruth Edler’ and our runner up prize went to ‘Reina Manning’. We’ll do a full report on the results soon. Thank you for entering – Merry Christmas!

It’s full of festive goodies such as sweets, chocolates and savoury snacks. See the image of what you can win below.

To enter you need to complete one of the following steps:

1.) Submit your email address below.


2.) Like, follow, share or comment on the competition post on one of the following Emerge social media channels linked here; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

The competition ends on Monday 17th December at 5.00pm.

This competition is for 18+ and UK only.

The winner will be revealed on Tuesday 18th December at 3.00pm.

Note: The snacks on offer may not be suitable for people with special dietary requirements and allergies. Enquire for more details, as other treats can be arranged. Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01952 632750.

Emerge Christmas Hamper Set

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How to market your retail brand this Christmas

Is December one of the busiest times for your business?

We would be very surprised if it isn’t! Christmas is one of the most hectic times for any business. Building up to the day, sales rapidly increase, along with online activity to promote product offers, sales and creating festive spirit on social media. It is also a peak time for competition among other retailers. It is a prime time for marketing your brand on social media.

In previous years do you think you have made the most out of gaining new customers and extra sales at Christmas time by marketing? Are you unsure how you could do this? Read on to get a better understanding for Christmas 2018…

To begin with you need to have clear goals of what you want to achieve, such as one or more of the following:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Boosting sales
  • Selling more gift cards
  • Building up loyal customers
  • Increasing new customers to your brand

Once you have set your goals, you can then plan how you are going to market your brand. Here are a few ways:

  • Plan your holiday displays such as your window and instore displays, your price signs including sale items and your opening and closing signs/posters. All these displays should follow a Christmas theme. This will assure customers that you value Christmas time with them and that you care about how your brand appears.
  • Ensure your website is Christmas themed, such as your hero landing page and any banner at the top of your web page. Also, any Christmas products that you have to offer on your website, make sure that they are clearly displayed in a section on your website, separating seasonal and non-seasonal items. Emphasise that your business is the destination to shop, or your service is the best one to use.
  • Add Christmas flair to your social media, such as altering your logo and social media profile pictures, so they are associated with Christmas. Another common way is to recreate your Twitter and Facebook cover photos. This is one of the first things that people will see when visiting your social media pictures.
  • For social media posts, a general rule is that 80% of your content should be about adding value to your customers lives and only 20% of content should be about promoting your business. However, Christmas is a prime time when everyone can over self-promote and share festive updates on social media. For example, if you’re part of a restaurant then it might be an idea to post your favourite festive recipes. Another way is that gyms could share tips and information on how to keep fit and healthy over the festive period. It is a perfect time to over self-promote as you’re making it easier for customers to make a decision and you’re helping them by offering lots of information. So, it benefits both parties.
  • Do extra posts on social media to get your followers into the festive spirit, such as posting polls on Christmas topics “What is the best part about Christmas dinner?”. This should increase brand awareness as your company name will be seen regularly and will be entertaining your audience.
  • If you have the opportunity, then try and work with local businesses and charities to raise holiday spirits. It could be beneficial to work with a business that complements your company, for example a design studio like ourselves could collaborate with a print company.
  • Create a festive hashtag for twitter and Instagram that is unique, so your followers can engage with your posts. Remember to not only make it festive and fun but also relevant to your company.
  • Hold a competition for your followers to participate in. This can be done by involving products that you offer, such as the prize. A common way is by encouraging your followers to like and comment on your posts and to follow you before they can enter the competition. This will increase your followers and brand awareness.
  • Show off your holiday spirit with social media, show everyone the Christmas decorations in your office/shop or wherever you are based. Also upload media of any Christmas events that you attend throughout the build up. Anything that you can show about Christmas whether related to your business or not show it off! It is the main event of the year, everyone loves this time of the year so build up as much of a festive buzz as you can.

During the festive period in 2017, Adobe Analytics reported that 54% of all visits to shopping sites came from smartphones and tablets


64% of shoppers have said that they find inspiration for purchases from social media, according to Crowdtap


45% of UK Facebook users have said that they will share on Facebook and Instagram their Christmas experiences, research from 2018


Over the Christmas period from 1st November to 31st December Facebook sees a 26% increase in posts, research from 2018

Give your brand a sprinkle of festive spirit!

There are many other ways that you could market your brand through till Christmas. Why not create a marketing plan to make it easier for you? This way you can schedule posts and ideas. Keep it simple, it is an exciting time!

We can make it easier for you by designing you Christmas branding for your business, get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01952 632750.

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Why your business needs to use Instagram

Instagram is the fastest growing social network. To begin with there were only 30 million users, but now there are 800 million monthly active users! The popularity rate with the platform is increasing and as the number of users increase daily so does the level of engagement.

It is exciting, and your business needs to experience this overwhelming growth with Instagram. You don’t need a huge marketing budget, a professional photographer or a stylist to make your Instagram account successful. Providing creativity, smart images and interaction will lead to followers and loyalty. Take a look at our Instagram page at:


The statistics below show why the platform is a great place to market your business or product.

There are 25 million+ business profiles on Instagram worldwide. Why would you not want your business to be part of this astonishing figure?

Emerge can help you improve your current social awareness

Get in touch with the studio to review and discuss your business page. We can also create social posts for you. Email [email protected] or phone 01952 632750.


View our Instagram page at:

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Why should you spend time and money on an effective logo design?

What is a logo? It is the main part of the visual identity of a company, represented by a symbol, mark or wordmark. They help customers acknowledge and remember your business, understand what you do and what you value.

When you think of a popular brand, what is the first thing that appears in your mind? The logo? If you think about the company Google, I can guarantee you’re imagining the four colours that make up the logo. Or McDonalds, you immediately think of the large yellow ‘M’ with a red background. They are both simple logos, but a vast number of people remember them easily across the world. The most successful brands tend to be those with a memorable logo, they don’t need to be complicated.

So, how do you make a logo stand out and become memorable to customers? There are many elements to an effective logo design, such as:

  • Memorability – by ensuring that at a glimpse people can make an instant association with your brand and understand what your business is about just by glancing at your logo. If your logo isn’t memorable then it is not effective, and the chances of people recognising your brand are minimised.
  • Simplicity – the most successful brands are those that don’t have an over complicated logo, as the easier your logo is to recognise the more effective it is. Simplicity is what makes a logo versatile, memorable and recognisable. Simple but effective logos help develop customer loyalty and create brand recognition.
  • Versatility – your logo needs to stand out on everything that it is placed on, but still holding brand consistency. It should maintain the same feel whether it is printed on a banner, website or paper for example. Also, still looking effective in full colour, black and white, single colour and grayscale. If your logo only looks good in full colour then consider having it redesigned, as it won’t be as effective.
  • Appropriateness – keep your organisations core operations and values in mind when creating a logo. They don’t just represent your company but also your target audience, so your logo design must appeal to them as well. Also, consider the image you use, they need to link appropriately to what your business is about. Ensure that you don’t give too much away, for example don’t use a product that you offer as your logo, this could restrict your growth.
  • Timelessness – when creating a logo make sure that it is not going to become outdated in a short period, as redesigns for logos and branding is expensive and time consuming. If it only suits a current trend/time, then it is more than likely going to have to be redesigned if you continue to want an effective logo.

If you follow these elements to an effective logo, then you never know your brand may become one of the most memorable logo’s like the ones below.

Make your branding glow!

We can design you a dazzling logo – to view a selection of logos Emerge has created, click here.

Get in touch with the studio to discuss your logo project by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 01952 632750.

P.S. We hope you have a sparkling bonfire night!

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5 direct mail tips and mailers that we love

Direct mail is an effective way to reach out to customers, so it is important that you go that extra mile to create something extravagant and stand out from your competition.

When you mail out a direct mail piece there are a few key points to look out for and below we have outlined 5 tips to consider:

No 1

Personalise your content

Create a special design and try and understand who your customers are to help your consider the choice of words you use. When it comes to introducing your offer try and personalise it based on observable data.

No 2

Add more information

Include all the content you need for customers to make an informed decision. A few ways to accomplish this goal is by: using clear and attractive images, convey the right message by using incorporate graphics and text, include a reliable testimonial. You’re in competition with junk mail, so make sure you create something that is more appealing and engaging than an email.

No 3

Make sure you have a call-to-action

Ask your potential customer to call or visit your website. If you don’t include this then your company is just branding. Make it clear what you want from the reader by emphasising the next step to them.

No 4

Create a clear and effective headline

Encourage people to read your direct mail with creative copywriting. The headline is the most important part to the direct mail piece, as its what grabs their attention. If you don’t spend time on this then you’re minimising the chances of the rest of the mailer been read. A way to do this effectively is by putting your biggest benefit to the customer in the headline, or by an intriguing question. Making your reader feel like the message applies to them.

No 5

Create a campaign

Design a theme that will make your company memorable for new and existing customers. Your message needs to also be perceived as focused and consistent.

Now let’s look at some examples

Below are a selection of effective pieces that we think are spooooookily good.

Above is a creative Halloween gift based direct mail piece created by Horizon:

Above is a Domino’s direct mail piece. The layout clearly displays current offers and a food menu inside. The design is consistent with the Dominos red and blue corporate colour palette.

Virgin Mobile and Huawei teamed up to create the above folding direct mail piece to promote four new mobile phone models. The fold out design is engaging and mixes eye-catching imagery with cleary written copy.

Emerge have created this invitation pack for Nomique, that invited Buyers to a launch event. The event saw the release of a new brand and modular product range of furniture called Worksphere. Click here to view our full case study.

Here at Emerge we use this pop up direct mail piece to reach out to new customers.

Emerge can create you something Spooktacular!

We can design and dispatch your next direct mail piece. Get in touch with the studio to discuss your project by, emailing [email protected] or calling us on 01952 632750.

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Why is branding important in marketing?

Before you read on, how important do you think branding is for business?

Most people think that branding is just about the creation of a memorable logo, yet it is more than just this. Branding sums up how your company is perceived, along with many other areas to consider such as your reputation, customer service, online presence and advertising, all these elements play a role in promoting your brand.

Let’s look at some ways to why branding is important:

Branding enhances recognition

People tend to do business with organisations if they are familiar with them. If you keep up to date with your branding and if it is consistent then clients will feel more confident in using your services or products.

Trust is built with a good brand

By using promotional materials and making use of your services people will immediately feel like your company is legitimate and professional. Clients adhere to familiarity and if you’re recognised as a quality brand, then they are more likely to choose your company again.

Branding generates new customers and referrals

Word of mouth referrals can generate new customers. Consumers of both the digital and non-digital world love to share with others their positive experiences with brands, which leads to new customers. If your company has an outstanding website, then this will be spread by word of mouth.

Branding supports advertising

Advertising strategies will directly reflect the brand and if you have strong advertising then your business will stand out from the competition.

Improves employee pride and satisfaction

If employees are working for a strong branded company with a well-known positive reputation then they will feel proud to work for such a company. They will feel more engaged with the branding and business because it holds value and they will be happy that they are part of your organisation.

Branding creates consistency and clarity

When you are clear on the consistency of your branding and the values you choose to go with it, then you can create goals and promises for your employees and clients. By having clarity, you will build brand loyalty.

We hope that we have helped you to understand how important branding is for your business or organisation after reading this. For branding advice and support, contact the studio so we can collaborate – call us on 01952 632750 or email [email protected].

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The importance of having a mobile-friendly website

Is your website mobile-friendly? Mobile technology goes without saying that it has become a vital part of our lives. We cannot live without them! Mobiles come with us wherever we go. It is the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we use before going to sleep. When travelling, we use them to navigate a destination, when we are waiting for the bus and when we are bored on the train. We use them 24/7!

A decade ago, a mobile phone was a luxury item, but today to connect with the world and socialise with our peers we use the item like we have always had one.

With that said, if your business does not have a mobile friendly website then you may as well hand over money to your competitors. It is a huge necessity for every single business.

So why wouldn’t you have a mobile-friendly website? Here are some of the most important points about having a mobile ready website that will help your business succeed in 2018:

Better browsing experience for your visitors – The content of your website is easier to read as the text, videos and images have been made to be mobile screen. This makes your site easier to navigate for those on a mobile device.

Serve the huge mobile user market – statistics have shown that online searches are mainly used from mobile devices, by 50% of users worldwide. Another study has stated that 57% of customers don’t like to buy from websites if they have a poor mobile website. This research evidently proves that to make your business successful you need to have this facility.

Online searches are mainly used from mobile devices by 50% of users worldwide
57% of customers don’t buy from websites if they have a poor mobile website

Enhance SEO rankings – mobile optimized websites are SEO friendly, so the major search engines will put these websites first over desktop only websites.

Build brand reputation – allowing your visitors to experience the mobile website, it will build the company’s reputation. In reverse, you could end up losing customers to other competitors if your website doesn’t look good on a mobile device, leading to a less attractive reputation

Increases the average time on a website and speeds up the loading time – mobile friendly websites will load quicker than a website that hasn’t been adjusted to work on a mobile. If your website takes longer to load customers will give up. Customers abandon a website that takes longer than 6-10 seconds to load. But if your website loads quickly then it increases the average time of a visit on the site.

Customers abandon a website that takes longer than 6-10 seconds to load

Lowers the bounce rate – if a visitor must constantly zoom in and out to read the content then they will get frustrated and leave the website. An un-optimized website for mobiles can increase website bounce rate – a higher bounce rate will mean lower search engine rankings.

Helps brand engagement – a mobile friendly website is more engaging, customers are more likely to return if they have a good experience.

Emerge can help

If you want help with creating a mobile-friendly website, then contact us at Emerge Design. Call us on 01952 632750 or email [email protected].

Cello Software

New online catalogue for GKN wheels

Dairy Spares Website

Clever Workspace Microsite

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Emerge would like to hear from you

At Emerge, we like to approach design projects from a strategic point of view.

Starting with our interpretation of your brief and having a thorough understanding of you and your business is what sets us apart. We believe that by focusing on what makes you great, we can draw out the key messages that will underpin the work we do for you.

For example, we believe a website isn’t just an online brochure. It should be the main resource for people to discover and learn about your brand and services online.

An advertising campaign should be eye catching, but it should also have a well-executed message and a purposeful call to action to help you raise awareness and attract business.

As a team, we pride ourselves on communication and service. We are here to listen and help you with your marketing needs. All you should do is call or email and we will be there for you when you need us the most.

Please look at our services and case studies to see how Emerge can bring a real creative edge to your marketing campaigns and other day-to-day design projects.

Contact us to discuss your plans and if possible, we hope to offer no obligation quotes for any design projects you have in mind – email [email protected] or phone 01952 632750.

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Report design for a Business Transformation Project

Working on behalf of Proudfoot – Emerge designed a 90 page Completion Report that outlines an installation phase of a Business Transformation Project.

The document features various process flow charts and diagrams to help readers understand the proposed management operating system.

Contact Emerge to work on your next report – phone 01952 632750 or email [email protected]

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SOMPO Completion Report

SOMPO Completion Report

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