Updating Solutex’s online presence

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Solvent Professional Standard

The Brief

We were approached by Solutex to reimagine their old website and create a fresh responsive design that showcased their diverse product range in such a manner that it would be easy to locate, identify and enquire about Solutex’s comprehensive workshop equipment and waste recycling systems portfolio.

Our Solution

Improved UI & UX design

Following extensive competitor research, we crafted a simple, easy to navigate website that created a opportunities for online lead generation. Considering our client’s target audience who typically have a good awareness of what they need; we designed a catalogue style interface that allowed for quick product searches whilst at all times creatively intertwining the Solutex brand. 

  • Modernised design highlighting the products in Solutex branding
  • Restructured navigation
  • Chat facility to keep in touch with contact on- and off-line
  • Improved downloads area
  • Responsive page layouts
SEO Optimistation

We provided a complimentary SEO audit for our customer and identified areas for development. We then eliminated all SEO errors from the website, and made optimisations to both on and off page SEO to ensure that the client’s new website was delivering as much value as possible.

Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - Old design



Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - New design

The results

We have dramatically improved the on page experience for Solutex, grown website traffic, improved click throughs from search results and given the website greater visibility against core business terms.

Organic Click Through Rate
Search Impressions

What Solutex had to say

“The look you can see for yourself and SEO has seen a marked improvement, so overall we are very pleased.  You had quite limited media resources from us, and have still showcased them well.  As well, and importantly, the follow-up service has been prompt and first class (unlike previous experience elsewhere).  We received training on the dashboard and have complete freedom to update our content.”

Nick Jones

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Visual identity for Let’s Get Local

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Let’s get local

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Let's get local

The Brief

Wishing to inspire residents of Shropshire to shop locally, business growth specialists, Good2Great contacted us to help bring their campaign to life across digital and traditional marketing channels, specifically targeting the historic towns of both Bridgnorth and Wellington, we combined our branding skills and comprehensive local knowledge to highlight what these towns have to offer.

Love Bridgenorth Logo

Our Solution

Crafting a unique emblem to connect the two campaigns after rapidly absorbing the campaign’s ambitions, we used a unique combination of local knowledge and extensive research to ingrain a community spirit across creatives.

Enclosing the design within a shopping bag to truly embed the core objective of inspiring “local shopping”, we were delighted to support this endeavour through our talents in visual identity, social media posts and print design.

Lets Get Local - Love Bridgnorth Poster
Love Wellington
Lets Get Local - Love Wellington Poster Design

What we Created

Employing our comprehensive local knowledge, we showcased the wealth of goods available to residents of the town to encourage them to shop locally and support their local economy.

We carefully crafted our designs to inspire residents to feel proud to be a part of Bridgnorth’s and Wellington’s community not just by residing there but actively contributing to its ongoing growth and economic stability.

WHat Good2GREAT Had to Say: 

“It’s been a great interpretation of all the aspects I wanted to get across.”

Sally Themans
Good2Great Ltd

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Inspirational online flipbook

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Inspirational online flipbook

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Making telford a world of opportunity

We were approached by Telford & Wrekin Council to design an interactive online PDF that showcases Telford as a hotspot of career opportunity. Capturing the imagination, we produced a highly engaging flipbook that drives traffic, engages and inspires. 

Explore the flipbook here

Inspirational & engaging design...


Keeping the client’s target audience at the forefront of our minds throughout the design process, we incorporated elements we knew would engage younger audiences. 


Reimagining the industrial landscape of Telford and presenting as a dynamic place of Career opportunity, we focused on captivating graphics and animation.


Liaising with numerous stakeholders and making several alterations to content wasn’t a problem for us, we delivered on time and with impressive results. 

Explore the flipbook here

The Process

The Brief

One of our designers met with client and assimilated the brief understanding exactly what Telford & Wrekin Council wanted to achieve. 

Creative Solutions

Emerge’s creative talents began to conceptualise how best to engage the target audience through an array of animations and graphics.


Showcasing various concepts to the client, adjustments were made to the page flow and content elements.

Test. Test. Test

Once the final look had been agreed we began robustly testing the online flipbook and made optimisations to it’s online performance. 

Happy Client

Submitting the final flipbook before the deadline in plenty of time ahead of the project launch, we had another happy client!

the result

“We’ve used Emerge design for lots of projects in the past but this was the first time that we’d used them for an online page turner. Following a meeting with the team to discuss our requirements we felt confident that Emerge would be able to deliver what we required.

Due to many parties being involved and feeding into this document, we explained that there could be lots of changes along the way, Emerge took this all on board and also made suggestions on approaches they felt could work for us and were very patient whilst we went through approvals our end.

Although this project took longer than first anticipated (due to delays or end) this was never a concern to Emerge, something that has been an issue with other agencies in the past. Overall we are very happy with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to use Emerge Design again, no job is a problem and the fast turnaround is always A+.

Marketing Officer – Telford & Wrekin Council

Do you need A project bringing to life?

Talk to a designer
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GKN Wheels & Structures stand graphics

client success story:

gkn wheels

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The brief

For their first standalone appearance exhibiting as GKN Wheels at Agritechnica, we were asked to produce a brochure and stand graphics to support GKN Wheels brand awareness objectives and to engage and attract a diverse target market from OEM’s, Dealers, Distributors Tyre Partners, and End Users at the world leading agricultural trade fair.

Services Offered

  • Exhibition stand panel graphic design
  • Exhibition marketing collateral
GKN Wheels Wall Graphic for Agritechnica

Our Solution

Need us to create something special for your next event? 

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Modern branding material for a traditional grammar school

Haberdashers’ Adams reinvigorated their brand with a new name and a fresh look.

Previously known as Adams’ Grammar, they are still a selective state grammar school for day pupils and boarders with a thriving sixth form.

Haberdashers’ Adams is proud of its ‘traditional values’ and ‘modern approach’ and these messages have become the foundation of their updated branding and communication material.

Emerge have worked with the marketing team on various projects including refreshing the main and sixth form prospectuses, producing new event displays, printed and social adverts and billboard posters.

View a selection of the recent material we’ve produced below and contact us if you would like to work with Emerge on your next set of marketing collateral.

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ABB Trophies

ABB believe in recognising and rewarding their employees for their commitment to delivering high standards of work. As part of the roll out of their new brand. Emerge designed and produced a set of quality trophies that will be presented to teams and individuals around the UK.

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ABB Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Emerge worked with ABB’s Turbocharing business to design and build a modular exhibition stand that could be used over the next 5 years.

The visuals and images show the configuration used at the IMPA Exhibition at the QEII Centre in London.

The modular design accommodated a bar area with seating and a touch screen kiosk that displayed an interactive demo and a competition based contact form.

If you are looking for a quality, lightweight, flexible and modular stand for your next exhibition, contact [email protected]

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LEAP – Management Resource Toolkit

ABB and Alexander Proudfoot worked together to develop a resource planning toolkit. The collaborative project was called ‘LEAP’ and the strapline is ‘Resource Effectiveness’.

Leap stands for:
L = leadership
E = excellence
A = and
P = productivity

Emerge worked alongside both companies to design and produce a guideline to the essentials of resource planning. The toolkit is the final outcome of this project.

We designed the toolkit cover with special Half-Canadian binding method that hides the binding almost entirely using a wrap-around card cover, leaving just a subtle curve of wire exposed on the back cover (shown in the project photos below).

Our work on the project included:

  • LEAP project logo design
  • Copywriting
  • Design, infographics, artwork and print production of an 80 page toolkit guideline with internal flap that contained a system map insert
  • USB sticks containing resource files

If you are looking for a corporate resource toolkit or advice on special print finishes – contact Dom by emailing [email protected] or call the studio on 01952 632750.


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Bespoke Truck Shaped USB Stick

Working with ABB’s Power Grids service business, we designed a promotional USB stick in the shape of their new Transformer Oil Processing Vehicle.

If you are looking for bespoke promotional gifts – contact Dom by emailing [email protected] or call the studio on 01952 632750.

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ABB Sustainability week

Emerge was asked to create a set of branding material to advertise ABB’s ‘Sustainability Week’.

ABB take health, safety and the environment seriously and they regularly run internal campaigns and initiatives to support their values.

We designed various material producing a unique motif, poster, social media and email footer graphics.

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We asked Nomique – Why work with Emerge?

Meet Nomique, a British designer and manufacturer of quality seating and furniture for the contract market and the creators of WORKSPHERE, a truly unique concept in workplace design. To launch and promote their new concept, they needed an intelligent, innovative partner who would work with them to truly understand their goals and come up with the ideas and tangible products that would stand out and get them noticed. They found that partner in Emerge.

Let’s go back a step – what did Nomique want to achieve?

In recent years the contract furniture market had seen significant growth in soft seating and breakout area furniture, but this had not been reflected in our sales. We wanted to find out why – and how we could improve our performance.

A solid plan – based on research

We worked on a thorough investigation into this product area to find out what the market  really wanted. The result was Worksphere, a specially developed range of furniture featuring many new designs – a challenge in itself! But the bigger challenge was how to launch and inspire the rest of the world about the new concept…

Was there a particular deadline?

We were keen to launch the product at the prestigious Clerkenwell Design Week in May – which only gave us 12 weeks to get everything ready. This would be followed by a second weeks later – and the project is still ongoing.

What was the Emerge team like to work with?

They were great: lots of proactive ideas and very responsive as the project evolved. We had about four face-to-face meetings on site as well as having regular email and telephone communication.

And what were the things they came up with?

They developed the whole Worksphere brand: they then created a new website, complete with 3D movie and other promotional materials including the invitation and presentation pack for the launch event.

The invitation was a particular focus because it needed to be far more than a simple card in an envelope: it had to be attention grabbing and memorable. Emerge explained that they’d researched how people react to direct mail and found that if they receive a thicker package in the post, they are more inclined to open and keep it.

Building on this, their concept for the pack was a ‘swatch book’ design, like fabric samples, which tied in perfectly to Worksphere being a range of customisable furniture. It was also very familiar to our target audience, i.e. the types of people who will be reselling Worksphere – distributors and dealers of furniture.

Emerge was able to offer all of the elements including design, copywriting, launch video, web development – even bringing in a specialist 3D artist. View the website at: worksphere.nomique.com

What’s been the response to the promotion?

It was undoubtedly the best product launch we have ever had and we are very optimistic about future soft seating sales growth.

We’ve been really pleased with the level of response to Worksphere, there’s been a lot of interest and sales are beginning to come in. But it’s the next 6-12 months that will really be the proof of success.

What’s your lasting impression of Emerge?

Their ability to create an overall, cohesive plan – and carry it through.

The detail in the logo design was based on cutting out sections of the letters in the name Worksphere to create a unique logotype.

Who worked on this project:

From Nomique: John Ravenhall (MD), Nigel Barker (Sales Director), Trevor Bloxham (Design Manager) and Grace Grandon (Marketing & Interiors).

From Emerge: Matthew Kent (Web & Video Designer), Harbinder Ahir (Graphic Designer) and Dom Hollins (Artworker).

What the people at Nomique say:

‘Emerge listened carefully to our requirements and understood our objectives with the Worksphere brand and then came up with a really effective launch campaign. Their communication was always clear and they were very responsive to our needs.’

Let’s work together

Contact Emerge to work on your next project – phone 01952 632750 or email [email protected]

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Using infographic design to promote Telford as a destination of future investment

Did you know that Telford is the birthplace of industry and that it is the fastest growing town in the West Midlands?

Nor did we… until we worked with Telford & Wrekin Council to design a promotional cover for the Midland Business Insider magazine.

The cover and advert was created in the style of a ‘Barn Door’ format. Meaning that the cover opened to reveal key messages inside and on the back. Emerge developed an infographic based concept to display all the information.

The campaign brief highlights Telford as a destination of growth, with the aim to attract further business investment into Telford.

View the mock ups of our final design below and contact us if you would like Emerge to create something special for your next advertising campaign.

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DK Exhibitions logo and apparel design

Emerge worked with DK Exhibitions to design a new logo as part of a branding refresh project.

The design is based on using ‘negative space’ to depict the letters D and K.

We also provided a set of logo guidelines and concept ideas for the teams work wear.

The next stage in the branding process will be to update their website and vehicle graphics.

DK exhibitions logo colourways

DK exhibitions logo guidelines

DK exhibitions t-shirt

DK exhibitions hoodie

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Festive posters and barrier branding for Discover Telford

Crowd and safety barriers don’t have to be plain and functional. Why not ask Emerge for a set of branded barrier covers? They are a great way to get your brand visible at festivals, sports events, concerts, processions and many other public events.

Emerge produced a series of barrier and poster designs that featured festive messages and imagery. The material was used at the Telford European Christmas Market and other local tourist attractions.

We worked with Discover Telford, who are part of the Telford & Wrekin Council, our brief was to keep the artwork consistent with other material created by Discover Telford.

Look at the designs below and contact us if you need something for your business or organisation?

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Report design for a Business Transformation Project

Working on behalf of Proudfoot – Emerge designed a 90 page Completion Report that outlines an installation phase of a Business Transformation Project.

The document features various process flow charts and diagrams to help readers understand the proposed management operating system.

Contact Emerge to work on your next report – phone 01952 632750 or email [email protected]

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SOMPO Completion Report

SOMPO Completion Report

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‘The Hub’ newsletter design for GKN Wheels & Structures

We designed a flexible newsletter template, which is simple to use and allows Emerge or GKN to run in new copy and images for each edition.

The Hub is an employee newsletter, which is distributed to around various departments and locations at GKN Wheels & Structures. Both printed and PDF issues are produced for circulation. On the back page of the PDF version is an interactive form, which allows employees to submit feedback about the current edition.

Contact Emerge to work on your next newsletter – phone 01952 632750 or email [email protected]

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GKN Wheels 'The Hub' Newsletter

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