There are a million designers out there, but how do you decide on the right one?

It may be slightly intimidating to choose a graphic designer, especially if you’re new to the scene and have just started a business. But if you focus on who is the most suitable for your requirements, then you’re heading in the right direction. A tip to start your designer relationship is to research a designer who is easy to work with, shows that they’re committed to your project’s success and one who finds creative solutions to design problems.

We will give you some guidance to how you can choose the right graphic designer suitable for you. Here are 7 tips:

  • See how the designer thinks on their feet – When meeting the candidate, ask something unexpected that could catch them out, this way you will be able to see how they respond and think. For example, you could ask them their opinion on a competitors project and ask what they would have done differently. Their response will give you a better insight into their creative process and the designers abilities to critique. This will enable you to see how they handle an unexpected situation.
  • Be clear with your goals and expectations – Provide the designer with as much information as possible, they need to grasp what kind of business you are and the position you hold within your industry. Your creative brief needs to clearly illustrate the objectives of the project, all details about your business and the specific requirements you have. Also, give them your time restrictions and any deadlines that you need to stick to, so then they will have an insight into what and how much they can create in the time frame. This way it will make it easier to quote up the job and see whether it is possible for them to meet your expectations.
  • Don’t just rely on portfolios – Even if you’re looking to work with one of the top agencies in the country, it is important that you don’t decide from just viewing their portfolio. When looking through their work, ask plenty of questions such as what inspired them to make those particular choices. By having this conversation you will be able to feel closer to the designer and see how they work creatively.
  • Know what skills and attributes to look for – It is essential to have a basic understanding of the design world and what skills are necessary for the job. Some things to think about are whether your campaign will require stock images or a photographer. If you research these features beforehand then you will find the discussion easier.
  • Consider a pre-trial to help you decide – To have a better insight into how the designer would work with your brand you could see if they would be willing to provide a set of concepts for your project. This will show you how they would work with your brand.
  • Look for relevant industry experience – It will always help if the designer has experience within your industry. If you decide that they don’t know much then this could be the yes or no answer to whether they work with you. If they do have experience then you will have a good idea of how they work and connect with similar people to yourselves.
  • Explain your brand and target audience clearly – Be clear to who you want the project to make a difference to, and where you want to draw the attention from. If they aren’t sure then they could end up designing something that attracts the opposite. Reiterate through the process your target audiences.

We hope that by reading this, you will be able to follow these steps for an easier hiring process. It is important that you have confidence in the designer that you will be working with. You need to feel comfortable that they are going to be the right people for your business. Don’t worry, it may take a few interviews with a few candidates, but there will always be someone out there that will be able to work to your requirements.

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