Emerge has every intention of trading as usual but we will keep you notified about our operations throughout this period of uncertainty.

The impact of coronavirus is having an indeterminable effect on markets internationally, affecting organisations both small and large. Protecting employees and limiting contamination are business owners and management’s highest priority.

We have adopted and are strictly following government guidelines on how to handle the pandemic, we are and will continue to work with suppliers and customers in this effort. 

We will where possible attend booked meetings where there is no risk of contamination, alternatively if you’re concerned about this, we are very happy to accommodate meetings through a suitable remote meeting platform.

If you were planning an event with us, please let us know your plans to reschedule or cancel your event, we will work with you to identify and implement alternative solutions. If you’re unsure about changes to your promotional mix, please give our team a call and we’d be delighted to propose intermediary solutions. We have posted some remedial solutions to communicating with stakeholders in our insights page – click here. 

Please remember to stay safe, wash hands at frequent intervals, and if you exhibit any symptoms please notify the relevant parties and self-isolate.

Need advice on how to adjust your promotional mix during the pandemic? We’re here to help.
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