Page loading for what seems like forever? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Can’t see it all on your phone?

If you’ve experienced some of these frustrations then so have your customers, in today’s marketplace consumers no longer have the patience to try and work around clumsy websites. Nearly 50% of people state that a business’ website is the number one factor in determining if they should buy from you, can you imagine what cutting your revenue by half would do to your business?

With over 200 million live websites worldwide, cutting through the noise and creating an impact is critical when it comes to customer’s choosing whether your brand is worthy of their custom.

But, what does good design look like?
  • Responsive: does your website offer the same experience that it does on desktop to those on mobile?
  • Navigation: Your customer needs to be able to maneuver around your website with ease so they can learn all about what your brand has to offer them and how they can purchase your product or service.
  • Consistent: Good web design doesn’t confuse visitors with inconsistent styling, headers, and footers that leave them bewildered as if they’re still on the same website.
  • Clean: Your business has goals, your customer has goals, to bring them into alignment and make your proposition clear, your website’s design needs to be free from clutter for success.
  • It converts: You can litter a website with as much content as you like but if the page hierarchy isn’t clear, then your offer may be lost in the rest of the page. Make sure you work with a designer who understands the importance of page structure and conversion rate optimization.
  • It can be discovered: optimizing for search is often an afterthought for busy business owners, however, a site that’s built with search engine optimization in mind will see you dominate search engine results and place your website ahead of the competition.


Old design


New design

Your Brand is Your Bread & Butter

Your brand goes far beyond a logo and colour scheme, as custodians of hundreds of brands at Emerge, we know only too well how precious your brand identity is to your business.  A bad online experience can mar your brand forever in the mind of a prospect or worse in time, leave it to be forgotten about completely. Your website is a fundamental platform for communicating your brand and the value it has in your customers’ lives. The difference between someone spending their money with you and the competition can be a few seconds of extra page loading time away. In Google’s recent study into why website performance matters, they identified that page speed had a direct impact on both the volume of returning users and revenue.

For Mobify, every 100ms decrease in homepage load speed worked out to a 1.11% increase in session-based conversion, yielding an average annual revenue increase of nearly $380,000.

So, you’ve spent months, perhaps years developing a product or a service, long nights and early mornings trying to establish a brand for the greater good of those around you, you know what you have to offer has value.  But in an age of uncertainty and doubt, your dream client is still not sure if they want to work with or buy from you, they type your brand/product/service into a search engine, what meets them?

Do you even rank on the first page of search results or have you been penalised by Google for offering a poor user experience, all your hard work, is now redundant, your prospect has moved on to a competitor’s website that offers them a sleek, pleasant experience.

Don’t leave money on the table

Whether your business operates online or off, is a small business or multinational company, rest assured when prospects are researching your brand, the first place they’re heading is your website and if it doesn’t give them the experience they’re anticipating, you’ve already lost them. Your business may solve a lot of your target audiences’ problems, but if they’re let down by their online experience of your brand, then that’s money left on the table for your competitors.

Are you confident that your website is making the impact it should be? Worried you may be losing customers?  Get peace of mind with a free no-obligation website assessment and we’ll tell you exactly how to improve your brand’s online presence, and if we think your website is already perfectly formed, we’ll tell you, because wherever you are in your journey to success, we’re here to help you Emerge from the crowd.

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