In this blog, we cover the importance of confidence, what it is and tips on how we can build confidence.

Confidence is difficult to define as it is a feeling and a state of mind. The attribute comes from your self-esteem, feelings of wellbeing, belief in your own ability, experience and skills. It is a quality that most people would like to possess and portray.

It is important to build on your confidence as it will benefit you in a lot of situations in life. For example, it could be the difference between achieving your dream job.

Individuals, employers, lecturers, businesses (the list could go on) will feel more assured in your capabilities to complete a task for them if you have shown to them that you have confidence in yourself. Also, if you have confidence then your responsibilities will become more challenging and rewarding, you are more likely to go up the ladder to success.

9 reasons how self-confidence leads to success:

  1. Confidence enables you to overcome fears
  2. You can say yes or no when appropriate
  3. You have the drive to start new ventures and ideas
  4. Self-confidence = believing in yourself
  5. Believe in winning and your ability to succeed
  6. Confidence asks questions so you’re ahead of the game
  7. Allows you to stand up for yourself
  8. Enables you to set the bar high enough
  9. Enables you to stretch your limits

It is also tricky to find ways on how to build your self-confidence as it is nothing to do with skill or talent, but a person’s feelings of believing in themselves. It is not something that can be learnt like a set of rules. Ways to help improve or boost confidence levels can come from positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people. But let’s see more specifically on how we can build confidence. Here are our tips:

  • Monitor your progress –  The most effective way to reach your goals is to break them down into smaller goals. This will make your goals appear more realistic to achieve and it will enable you to monitor your progress. It can apply to anything such as a new business idea, getting promoted at work, eating healthier or changing careers. By quantifying your accomplishments in the process then it will help you stay on course. You will build confidence as you see the progress you’re making.
  • Embrace positivity – Ignore all negativity that comes your way on your journey. It is easy to listen to self-doubting criticism and negative opinions but avoid all negative energy. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and keep reminding yourself of the future goal. If you are positive in what you want to achieve, then you will confidently succeed.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice – It is easy to get yourself into a position where you feel stupid for asking questions and advice because you’re afraid that people will doubt your capabilities. Yet, it shows more of you as a person if you are keen to gather all information, it will help you build confidence if you seek advice.
  • Change your body language and image – You will instantly feel more confident if you relax your body and become less tense. Pull your shoulders back and smile more, this will give others the impression that you are a confident person and it will make others feel more comfortable around you. When talking to someone, give them eye contact so you appear confident in what you are talking about. Positive body language and image will encourage people to take you more seriously.
  • Get things done – Confidence is built on accomplishment. You will feel much better about yourself when you achieve small or big goals. Being productive enables you to be one step closer to the finish line of success. When starting your day think ‘What do I need to accomplish today?’, having day to day goals will increase the chances of achieving your weekly and monthly goals. Remind yourself that progress and success happens over time, it is not quick so don’t give up. Set yourself a goal, plan it, go for it and achieve it.

We hope this informative blog has inspired you and by altering ways of how you go about things, you can improve your confidence. Everything is possible if you have self-confidence, you can achieve many things.

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