We recently worked with New Chapters Fostercare on a carer recruitment campaign by inviting people interested in fostering to โ€˜speak to an expertโ€™, whether it be one of the directors or current carer.

Due to the nature of foster care, it isn’t as simple as a sales person plugging away on the phone. The recruitment process for carers can be a long journey and involves detailed training. Brand visibility through local papers, website optimisation and social media can play a key part in raising the profile of a company.

Emerge designed a new emblem to be used across all New Chapters promotional material complementing their colourful brand identity. We also developed a series of inspirational key messages to encourage potential foster carers to join the New Chapters family.

The advertising campaign included topics such as:

  • Consultation
  • Campaign research; demographics, tone and voice
  • Copywriting and article development
  • ‘Join the New Chapters Family’ emblem design
  • Social media cards
  • Email footers
  • Printed adverts
  • Website banners
  • Google Anayltics to monitor website and social media visitor statistics

If you are looking to improve your advertising or need advice on setting up a new campaign โ€“ contact Matt by emailing matt@emergedesign.co.uk or call the studio on 01952 632750.