Updating Solutex’s online presence

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Solvent Professional Standard

The Brief

We were approached by Solutex to reimagine their old website and create a fresh responsive design that showcased their diverse product range in such a manner that it would be easy to locate, identify and enquire about Solutex’s comprehensive workshop equipment and waste recycling systems portfolio.

Our Solution

Improved UI & UX design

Following extensive competitor research, we crafted a simple, easy to navigate website that created a opportunities for online lead generation. Considering our client’s target audience who typically have a good awareness of what they need; we designed a catalogue style interface that allowed for quick product searches whilst at all times creatively intertwining the Solutex brand. 

  • Modernised design highlighting the products in Solutex branding
  • Restructured navigation
  • Chat facility to keep in touch with contact on- and off-line
  • Improved downloads area
  • Responsive page layouts
SEO Optimistation

We provided a complimentary SEO audit for our customer and identified areas for development. We then eliminated all SEO errors from the website, and made optimisations to both on and off page SEO to ensure that the client’s new website was delivering as much value as possible.

Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - Old design



Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - New design
Solutex Website - New design

The results

We have dramatically improved the on page experience for Solutex, grown website traffic, improved click throughs from search results and given the website greater visibility against core business terms.

Organic Click Through Rate
Search Impressions

What Solutex had to say

“The look you can see for yourself and SEO has seen a marked improvement, so overall we are very pleased.  You had quite limited media resources from us, and have still showcased them well.  As well, and importantly, the follow-up service has been prompt and first class (unlike previous experience elsewhere).  We received training on the dashboard and have complete freedom to update our content.”

Nick Jones


Visual identity for Let’s Get Local

Client Success Story:

Let’s get local

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Let's get local

The Brief

Wishing to inspire residents of Shropshire to shop locally, business growth specialists, Good2Great contacted us to help bring their campaign to life across digital and traditional marketing channels, specifically targeting the historic towns of both Bridgnorth and Wellington, we combined our branding skills and comprehensive local knowledge to highlight what these towns have to offer.

Love Bridgenorth Logo

Our Solution

Crafting a unique emblem to connect the two campaigns after rapidly absorbing the campaign’s ambitions, we used a unique combination of local knowledge and extensive research to ingrain a community spirit across creatives.

Enclosing the design within a shopping bag to truly embed the core objective of inspiring “local shopping”, we were delighted to support this endeavour through our talents in visual identity, social media posts and print design.

Lets Get Local - Love Bridgnorth Poster
Love Wellington
Lets Get Local - Love Wellington Poster Design

What we Created

Employing our comprehensive local knowledge, we showcased the wealth of goods available to residents of the town to encourage them to shop locally and support their local economy.

We carefully crafted our designs to inspire residents to feel proud to be a part of Bridgnorth’s and Wellington’s community not just by residing there but actively contributing to its ongoing growth and economic stability.

WHat Good2GREAT Had to Say: 

“It’s been a great interpretation of all the aspects I wanted to get across.”

Sally Themans
Good2Great Ltd


Inspirational online flipbook

Client Success Story:

Inspirational online flipbook

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Making telford a world of opportunity

We were approached by Telford & Wrekin Council to design an interactive online PDF that showcases Telford as a hotspot of career opportunity. Capturing the imagination, we produced a highly engaging flipbook that drives traffic, engages and inspires. 

Explore the flipbook here

Inspirational & engaging design...


Keeping the client’s target audience at the forefront of our minds throughout the design process, we incorporated elements we knew would engage younger audiences. 


Reimagining the industrial landscape of Telford and presenting as a dynamic place of Career opportunity, we focused on captivating graphics and animation.


Liaising with numerous stakeholders and making several alterations to content wasn’t a problem for us, we delivered on time and with impressive results. 

Explore the flipbook here

The Process

The Brief

One of our designers met with client and assimilated the brief understanding exactly what Telford & Wrekin Council wanted to achieve. 

Creative Solutions

Emerge’s creative talents began to conceptualise how best to engage the target audience through an array of animations and graphics.


Showcasing various concepts to the client, adjustments were made to the page flow and content elements.

Test. Test. Test

Once the final look had been agreed we began robustly testing the online flipbook and made optimisations to it’s online performance. 

Happy Client

Submitting the final flipbook before the deadline in plenty of time ahead of the project launch, we had another happy client!

the result

“We’ve used Emerge design for lots of projects in the past but this was the first time that we’d used them for an online page turner. Following a meeting with the team to discuss our requirements we felt confident that Emerge would be able to deliver what we required.

Due to many parties being involved and feeding into this document, we explained that there could be lots of changes along the way, Emerge took this all on board and also made suggestions on approaches they felt could work for us and were very patient whilst we went through approvals our end.

Although this project took longer than first anticipated (due to delays or end) this was never a concern to Emerge, something that has been an issue with other agencies in the past. Overall we are very happy with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to use Emerge Design again, no job is a problem and the fast turnaround is always A+.

Marketing Officer – Telford & Wrekin Council

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Why now is the time to invest in Brand Marketing

Why now is the time to invest in brand marketing?

Here’s a scenario: You have a strong value proposition, your customers leave positive testimonial after positive testimonial, you exceed the capabilities of the competition frequently, but right now your business is fighting for survival.

You are not alone, there are very few industries that have not been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the urge to bombard customers with sales promotion and offers discounting your services is high. But business owners and marketing managers must avoid this temptation why? Consumers are also in survival mode, businesses are limiting spend to critical operations; whether you discount your services dramatically or not the uncertainty over the current situation and precariousness of brand perception at this time means that the chances of growing sales are at an all-time low for the majority of sectors.

Customers react negatively to brands appearing to profiteer off the pandemic or hijacking a conversation to gain an advantage, if you choose to market your business at this time it must be in such a way it genuinely adds value to your customers, is responsible and the messaging considered.

Whilst sitting and waiting for the pandemic to pass is an option that’s been forced upon many, those with the opportunity must imagine where they want their brand to be after lockdown, we must be mindful that consumer perception has undoubtedly changed forever, marketing has changed forever, we no longer do business in the way we’ve become accustomed to but we must adapt to survive.

Every business will have a unique set of challenges right now but what can you do to ensure your brand sees the light at the end of tunnel?

Go Digital

Review your promotional mix, consider switching to digital channels where possible i.e. if your marketing weighted a lot towards out of home advertising, consider display advertising alternatives.

Add Value

Ensure communications are sensitive to your target audiences current challenges and create a sense of community with content that adds value. (We have solutions that can answer this for you if you’re not sure, email us at [email protected])

Connect Virtually

Move events online, a well-crafted webinar can be just as engaging as presentation, virtual tours of facilities can get consumers excited about the prospect of your offer post coronavirus, consultation services can be delivered virtually through Zoom or Skype for example.

Be Visual

Video content continues to be more engaging and favoured by consumers that product marketing in any other form. Content such as this can be created remotely and a low cost

Acknowledge Productivity & Welfare

Internal marketing has probably never been more important, workforces are divided by circumstance; whilst some may be isolated at home others are mandated to continue to work, communicating the ambitions and strategy of the organisation during this period is critical to maintaining (and if not improving) employee productivity and safeguarding their welfare. Whilst businesses are under threat, employees are also under strain, as an employer you have a legal duty of care to look after the wellbeing of staff and that’s inclusive of mental health and work-related stress.

Spend Creatively

Consider the cost ratio benefit across all operations, this does not mean cease marketing, if you can deliver marketing communications in such a way as described previously (which we appreciate is contingent on the nature of your business and current market conditions) then adjust your messaging and continue to promote services only where appropriate and where there is no risk to brand reputation.

Overall, there are many strategies that can help to restore a sense of security for your business and those that implement necessary changes to mitigate the impact of coronavirus will be the most prepared for what the future brings. If you are unable to deliver specific marketing campaigns due to pandemic, it’s advisable to focus on your brand and how you’re demonstrating its value at this time in a considered manner.

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how to market your
business right now?

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Need some light in your life?
See how we celebrated 14 years
of unlimited creativity


Happy Birthday to us! 14 Years of growing businesses through creativity

Happy Birthday to Us!

14 years of growing businesses through creativity.

Thanks to our customers for keeping us in business all these years, we’ve been delivering unlimited creativity and pixel-perfect attention to detail for over a decade, putting organisations of all sizes on the map.

Our 14th year of trading saw:

  • Joan, our long-serving accounts manager left the world a little darker after she lost the battle with cancer. Joan was a force of nature, she cared so much about Emerge and was with us from the very start of our journey. We appreicated her advice and she brought joy to the office every day for 13 years. Thanks to her son, Neil, Joan’s light lives on through “Joan’s Smile”, a charity that’s committed to raising awareness of pancreatic cancer and bringing smiles to those who need it most. To make a dontation visit: www.justgiving.com/joans-smile

  • Lorna joined us to take on Joan’s finance responsibilities, her three boys gave her the training she needed to manage the studio administration in addition to being a seasoned accounts assistant, Lorna is truly a wonderful addition to the team.

  • We gave Lucy, our previous marketing intern, her first hands on experience within a design studio reflecting on the experience Matt, Creative Director said: “Providing the internship was a rewarding process, we saw Lucy develop as a person and she grew our social media presence. Lucy was an excellent researcher and added benefit to our pitching and also our web design process. Her work gave valuable insight into how marketing would become a beneficial full-time role for Emerge.”

  • Following Lucy’s departure, we bought Sadie on board, a full-time digital marketing manager. In just six months she has transformed our customer communications and account management processes and now we’re excited to be able to offer our customers the wealth of digital marketing skills we now have in house.

There have been many changes at Emerge last year, which is testament to our ability to adapt and keep evolving, we’re looking to build on our momentum and continue to deliver creative that demand consumer attention, we have a great team at Emerge, who are willing to work hard and smartly for our clients.

We’d especially like to thank all our clients that have supported us and entrusted us with their brand for all these years, we know things are uncertain at the moment, but we will Emerge from this together.

How we celebrated

The Emerge Birthday Bake-off

As we could not be together to celebrate due to the COVID-19 working from home restrictions. Some of the staff participated in a bake-off using spare ingredients that they had at home. We shared our baking experiences on a group chat. Below are the results and a selection of recipes you may like to try!  Matt even made a video of his bake – watch below.

Dom’s Classic CRanberry Flapjacks

View Dom's recipe


View Matt's recipe

Lorna’s EASY Carrot CAKE

View Lorna's recipe

Emerge Design COVID-19 Statement

Emerge has every intention of trading as usual but we will keep you notified about our operations throughout this period of uncertainty.

The impact of coronavirus is having an indeterminable effect on markets internationally, affecting organisations both small and large. Protecting employees and limiting contamination are business owners and management’s highest priority.

We have adopted and are strictly following government guidelines on how to handle the pandemic, we are and will continue to work with suppliers and customers in this effort. 

We will where possible attend booked meetings where there is no risk of contamination, alternatively if you’re concerned about this, we are very happy to accommodate meetings through a suitable remote meeting platform.

If you were planning an event with us, please let us know your plans to reschedule or cancel your event, we will work with you to identify and implement alternative solutions. If you’re unsure about changes to your promotional mix, please give our team a call and we’d be delighted to propose intermediary solutions. We have posted some remedial solutions to communicating with stakeholders in our insights page – click here. 

Please remember to stay safe, wash hands at frequent intervals, and if you exhibit any symptoms please notify the relevant parties and self-isolate.

Need advice on how to adjust your promotional mix during the pandemic? We’re here to help.
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COVID 19 – adjusting your Promotional Mix

The impact of coronavirus has an indeterminable effect on markets globally, affecting businesses small and large. If you’re a small business owner protecting employees and mitigating the damage of coronavirus is the highest priority. Here is some guidance on what you can do to help limit the risk… 

Interruption Loan  

If you’re a small business owner you may be eligible for Coronavirus Interruption Loan, the scheme will support loans of up to £1.2million from the British Business Bank, the government will guarantee 80% of the loan to support small businesses with invoice, overdrafts, asset finance and term facilities liabilities.

You must have a turnover of less than £41 million and be UK based business, further information, details on eligibility and how to apply can be found on the British Business Bank website here

Adjusting Your Promotional Mix   

Core markets affected to date are health, hospitality, education, retail, leisure and travel sectors, of course, the impact of COVID-19 extends far beyond that, regardless of the industry you serve or are in marketers and business owners must adjust their promotional mix and messaging accordingly.

If events or your core service is delivered face to face, then remedial and interim solutions must be developed and deployed quickly to limit losses on revenue where possible. Educational providers are already looking at alternatives to deliver learning digitally to mitigate the risk of spreading infection.

Digital channels will seek to placate the disruption to the promotional mix but we also expect to see a decline in digital ad spend due to a lack of consumer confidence which in turn affects decision-makers’ ability to commit to marketing budgets at this time of uncertainty. But business owners cannot expect to sit and do nothing while the pandemic takes hold of its operational future… 

Digital Solutions To A Very Offline Problem

If your primary source of leads is events, consider alternative methods of communicating your message. Events hold a tangible magic that can’t be replicated elsewhere but that doesn’t mean to say we should stop trying to communicate with audiences altogether.

  • A well designed and constructed webinar with engaging visuals is hugely effective if the proposition is strong enough, there’s the scope to capture a wider cohort of qualified leads also.
  • Meet with all your clients face to face? Remote meeting services have always had a strong case for saving businesses money and time but now they are the only feasible way to facilitate face to face meetings for the time being. Try Zoom or Skype
  • Retail sales are expected to decline further, and e-commerce is expected to see immediate gains in light of the outbreak but with uncertainly over supply chain’s ability to supply, it’s a concern that the sudden growth of e-commerce may come to halt. Try and get a thorough understanding of how your supply chain may be affected.
  • Reach prospects through social media, update them with what you’re doing to protect them if you’re a service-based company, if you were planning an event consider delivering with through a social platform you know your customers to be users of with Live events.
  • You can try and monitor the impact through web analytics, anticipate and try and forecast changes in audience demographics and adjust your campaigns accordingly.
  • Print isn’t dead, coronavirus could contribute a revival of direct mail, strengthen corporate communications with staff, make an impact with customers and use it as an opportunity to increase fond feeling towards your brand, just make sure it is helpful and adds value.

Schedule a phone call

If you need advice on how to adjust your promotional mix and marketing campaigns, talk to our team who will be happy to advise help free of charge, because we’re all in this together. 

Futher Information: 

You can get further information on how to react to Coronavirus here:


See how markets reacted during and after past viral outbreaks here:


GKN Wheels & Structures stand graphics

client success story:

gkn wheels

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The brief

For their first standalone appearance exhibiting as GKN Wheels at Agritechnica, we were asked to produce a brochure and stand graphics to support GKN Wheels brand awareness objectives and to engage and attract a diverse target market from OEM’s, Dealers, Distributors Tyre Partners, and End Users at the world leading agricultural trade fair.

Services Offered

  • Exhibition stand panel graphic design
  • Exhibition marketing collateral
GKN Wheels Wall Graphic for Agritechnica

Our Solution

Need us to create something special for your next event? 

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I confirm my consent:

Modern branding material for a traditional grammar school

Haberdashers’ Adams reinvigorated their brand with a new name and a fresh look.

Previously known as Adams’ Grammar, they are still a selective state grammar school for day pupils and boarders with a thriving sixth form.

Haberdashers’ Adams is proud of its ‘traditional values’ and ‘modern approach’ and these messages have become the foundation of their updated branding and communication material.

Emerge have worked with the marketing team on various projects including refreshing the main and sixth form prospectuses, producing new event displays, printed and social adverts and billboard posters.

View a selection of the recent material we’ve produced below and contact us if you would like to work with Emerge on your next set of marketing collateral.

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ABB Trophies

ABB believe in recognising and rewarding their employees for their commitment to delivering high standards of work. As part of the roll out of their new brand. Emerge designed and produced a set of quality trophies that will be presented to teams and individuals around the UK.

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ABB Exhibition Stand Design & Build

Emerge worked with ABB’s Turbocharing business to design and build a modular exhibition stand that could be used over the next 5 years.

The visuals and images show the configuration used at the IMPA Exhibition at the QEII Centre in London.

The modular design accommodated a bar area with seating and a touch screen kiosk that displayed an interactive demo and a competition based contact form.

If you are looking for a quality, lightweight, flexible and modular stand for your next exhibition, contact [email protected]

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Make Customers Love You | B2B Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

Valentine’s Day can be a polarising event, with affection measured in monetary value the commercial element generates mixed feelings across the marketplace. So how can B2B organizations harness these mixed emotions, and should they?

Valentine’s Day Loved & Loathed

Some perceive Valentines as an overly commercial date in the diary that only serves to remind everyone not in a couple that they’re alone, others get excited about the opportunity to gift and sing songs of love.  Therefore should B2B organisations participate in this seasonal holiday and if so how? 

Should B2B organizations get involved?

Does trading B2B disqualify businesses from participating in this consumer event? That depends entirely on how you use Valentine’s day within your marketing activities. Maybe sending a dozen roses to the finance director of one of your key accounts isn’t the way forward.

B2B marketing has traditionally focused on the principles of formality and respect, marketing unique selling points and pricing, the humans behind the computer screen are often forgotten. But here’s the thing, at the time of “going to press” the majority of business is still done by a person, not AI, not a faceless corporate machine, people.

Is it, therefore, appropriate to send a dozen roses to your favourite customer on Valentine’s Day? Probably not, but we can reimagine what Valentine’s Day is and utilise the day to demonstrate gratitude.

So, Valentine’s Day in essence, is about appreciation, therefore capitalising on this seasonal opportunity to express gratitude should serve to improve relations between businesses, so here are some ideas to inspire your B2B campaign…

B2B Valentines Day Promotional Ideas That Work

Idea 1

Show love to a charity, the charity will naturally benefit through awareness and/or your corporate donation, your customers will think you’re a business that cares. It’s a double win.

Idea 2

Say thank you to the database, email subscribers, offer customers exclusive content or promotional offer to show your appreciation for their business.

our gift to you - download a free html email template

Idea 3

Celebrate your customers throughout the day, just secured a contract? A customer has been with you for 10 years? Share the news throughout the day and show your customers that you appreciate them.

Idea 4

Internal customers are why you have revenue generating customers. Celebrate employees, showcase your team wins and get employees feeling good about themselves.

Valentines Campaign Wins and FailS

Valentine’s Day Campaigns are not new, the proliferation of advertising campaigns that arise in B2C markets means that consumers are typically inundated with promotional offers for cards, flowers and miscellaneous gifts, but for B2B markets the seasonal holiday has seldom been adopted as a tool to boost customer loyalty, take some inspiration from some successful (and avoid the tactics of the less successful) campaigns in these examples…

The Winners…


Targeting the forgetful, Snickers introduced a genuinely useful and also eye-catching campaign with their out of home, “you’re forgetful when you’re hungry” campaign. Apply the principles used here for your B2B campaigns and provide customers with a helpful resource (in this instance, Snickers provided cards that could be peeled off the billboard).

Droga5 London

The creative agency pushed cards with ugly endangered animals, focusing on the principle that “love is blind” to reiterate some of the more important values of Valentines Day.

Droga5 persuaded various other organizations like Screaming Colour and Shutterstock to help produce the cards at a low rate to generate as much money to share amongst a selection of charities, demonstrating their core skill set and showing love to a philanthropic cause clearly demonstrating their brand values.


Using the powers of social listening, Cisco identified a cohort of indivudals that were actively engaged in the subject of IoT, rolling out this graphic had 50% engagement with identified opportunities, reaching over 20,000 potential Twitter followers of Internet of Everything thought leaders.

The Less Successfull…

Nakshatra Diamonds

The approach to targeting in this campaign is clear from the outset, but it’s also demeaning and damaging to the “she” referenced within the campaign, unlikely to fill the recipient with a warm fuzzy feeling if they were reached by this brands attempt at valentines day.


Tampax misses the mark by attacking mother nature, given that the majority of Tampax customers are of female orientation, Tampax is attempting to capitalize on a perceived universal consumer pain point but uses a male character as it’s representative, the ad creates feelings of anxiety rather than warm feelings towards the brand.

Need a creative solution to make your customers feel warmly towards your B2B organization?  

Talk to our designers directly!

Latest News From Emerge…

LEAP – Management Resource Toolkit

ABB and Alexander Proudfoot worked together to develop a resource planning toolkit. The collaborative project was called ‘LEAP’ and the strapline is ‘Resource Effectiveness’.

Leap stands for:
L = leadership
E = excellence
A = and
P = productivity

Emerge worked alongside both companies to design and produce a guideline to the essentials of resource planning. The toolkit is the final outcome of this project.

We designed the toolkit cover with special Half-Canadian binding method that hides the binding almost entirely using a wrap-around card cover, leaving just a subtle curve of wire exposed on the back cover (shown in the project photos below).

Our work on the project included:

  • LEAP project logo design
  • Copywriting
  • Design, infographics, artwork and print production of an 80 page toolkit guideline with internal flap that contained a system map insert
  • USB sticks containing resource files

If you are looking for a corporate resource toolkit or advice on special print finishes – contact Dom by emailing [email protected] or call the studio on 01952 632750.


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Bespoke Truck Shaped USB Stick

Working with ABB’s Power Grids service business, we designed a promotional USB stick in the shape of their new Transformer Oil Processing Vehicle.

If you are looking for bespoke promotional gifts – contact Dom by emailing [email protected] or call the studio on 01952 632750.

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The importance of Visual Identity

What is visual identity?

Visual identity is the tangible perception of your brand, it differs from a logo in that visual identity encompasses all visual elements that stakeholders encounter, which will certainly include a logo. A visual identity is part of the brand ecosystem. Nor a logo/visual identity can truly make an impact in their component parts.  A strong visual identity instantly communicates who you are, what you’re about, and why people should want to buy from you. Conversely, a poor or inconsistent identity can degrade your brand experience.

Many assume that just because you have an identity—logo, font, etc. that it’s enough to differentiate your business from any other. This isn’t the case, if your visual representation of your business is disconnected, inconsistent, or inaccurate then you can’t be telling a compelling brand story, which is critical when making prospects and consumers establish a relationship with you.  

Why is it important for business?

Science continues to demonstrate the importance of visual identity, in a study by branding firm Siegel+Gale after asking 3,000 respondents to evaluate the logos of more than a hundred top brands, the firm analyzed and categorized the most memorable logos into 9 different categories, including organic and geometric shapes, the study also identified that the most memorable logos were simple.

Organic shapes were considered:

  • Warm/caring
  • Fun
  • Fresh
  • Friendly
  • Innovative

Geometric shapes were considered:

  • Powerful
  • Innovative
  • Respected
  • Smart
  • Cool

The study clearly demonstrates that logo design has a clear and direct impact on the perception of a brand. Colours have a psychological impact on consumers too,  warm colours like red or yellow are viewed  as  colourful yet but can have negative connotations, where blue and other cool colours are viewed more favourably often communicating trust.

Download the siegelgale.com study
Do I need a new visual identity?

Your visual identity needs to be purposeful not just good looking. Your identity needs to be:

  • Flexible – Can your visual identity expand to new markets or products?
  • Intuitive – Each element must complement the other.
  • Accurate – Your identity must reflect the brand personality, values, etc.

What to consider when reviewing or revising your brand visuals:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Hierarchy of Design
  • Photography/Illustration
  • Data visualization
  • Video and motion
  • Web design

These elements are critical to your brand’s success and need to be carefully crafted and considered.

You may conclude that you feel your business needs new visuals (we offer a free initial brand consultation if you need any help), but here are some things to consider before committing to a new visual identity:

  • Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons based on data-led insight, we all feel like a change or a redesign might be what our business needs to distinguish itself in often crowded marketplaces, especially if you’re a business with longevity.
  • Rebranding is expensive, the greater the scale of your operations the greater the investment required for your rebrand to make an impact in the territories it serves.
  • If you’re considering rebranding proactively, ensure that you have set-aside sufficient time, resources and a robust strategy to ensure it’s successful, you’re likely to face negativity whether it be internally or from customers, the bottom line is, people don’t like change but if you have robust strategy in place and a genuine need for a new visual identity then rebranding could prove highly successful.

Take a look at some of these brands who absolutely got it right, and some who didn’t…

Re-brands that went well…


Britannia wanted to grow its market share and to reflect the organization’s future plan and portfolio development they rebranded to re-position the brand – ‘Exciting Goodness’.



PayPal rebrand in 2014 was a huge step forward in their visual language as a company. 2007 rebrand was still had a 90’s feel to it, but the latest rebrand brings PayPal right into the modern context which it operates.


Ruskim Seafoods

Wishing to revitalize their brand, Emerge modernised Ruskim’s logo, capturing the essence of their proposition, the new stronger and dynamic logo clearly positions Ruskim Seafoods as a leading importer and distributor of frozen seafood. 


Discover Shropshire & Telford

The client had a desire to represent the diversity in attractions across Shropshire and Telford, Emerge simplified the Discover Shropshire and Telford logo adding a gradient rainbow of colour for impact. 


Re-Brands that went, less well…


Universally disliked, the Gap rebrand is something of marketers nightmare, a costly error in judgment ($100million investment) that only served to represent the organisation for just 6 days.



SyFy, previously known as the “Sci-Fi” channel rebranded to their detriment (syfy’ is a slang term for syphilis) lost viewers by the thousands and was something of a joke, however, the network has stuck with it.


Will you be reviewing your visual identity in 2020? Let us know, we’d love to hear about your project?

Contact us

How can businesses stand out in all the festive promotions?

Christmas promotions are everywhere, ’tis the season of discounting and flash sales, but how do brands both little and large standout in all the festive noise? Consumers are said to spend in excess of £30 billion in the last quarter of the year, rivalry for their attention therefore, is increasing difficult to obtain and we know just how difficult competing for consumer trust can be so we’ve got a gift just for the first 20 readers! 🎁

After 13 years of crafting seasonal campaigns, our marketing and creative experts have prepared some top tips to help prevent your business from being snowed in under all the other holiday promotions.

Stories Sell…

A combination of creativity, storytelling, and emotion are core features of any successful marketing campaign, the festive holiday season sees no exception to this rule; the Christmas period is frequently harnessed to establish feelings of warmth towards brands. By replicating the warm and fuzzy feeling most of us desire at Christmas, advertisers/brands take advantage of the opportunity to feature and associate their brand with such positive experiences, not necessarily driving sales exclusively for the seasonal period but also to impact the long term sentiment consumers have towards their brand.

3 Tips to stand out in the christmas promotional noise…

Consumers are bombarded with Christmas adverts, on TV, out of home, in their emails, Christmas advertising is everywhere, so how do brands harness the season of goodwill and use it to their advantage?


Create an emotional response

Products don’t always sell but experiences often do. John Lewis, a brand who’s seasonal ads are almost synonymous with Christmas now, delivered yet another special ad with the “Bear and The Hare”; the bear had never seen Christmas before because of hibernation, his friend the Hare is determined to change this, the bear’s face when he catches a glimpse of the decorated Christmas tree for the first time truly reminds you of the joy of the festive period, and successful delivers an experience that associates this sentiment with John Lewis. 


Construct a memorable Christmas experience

For over 20 years Starbucks have designed a new festive cup,  (remember that year they did a plain red design, and everyone complained?), celebrating the festive period through the seasonal design of cups, it spreads awareness of the festive spirit and associates’ brand with that warm-fuzzy feeling.


Reiterate brand values

The festive season isn’t always about sales, it’s a critical time of year to raise awareness of brand values and take advantage of the general feeling of goodwill. Dulux executes this well, Dulux aims to transform people’s surroundings their moods, their views and attitude to life. Dulux hopes to inspire consumers to decorate by celebrating the power of colour and the ongoing positive change that comes from creating a beautiful living space i.e. “let’s colour”, in this ad creative Dulux has cleverly incorporated these values in addition to demonstrating superior paint performance.

What does every successful marketing campaign have in common with each other regardless of target audience, proposition and industry? Good design.
Dulux Advert White Paint on Red

Why Design is Critical

When people hear a message, they are most likely able to remember 10% of the information relayed three days later, but when the same message is coupled with a visual graphic, people can remember 65% of the information 3 days later. (Brain Rules, 2018). Good design is ultimately the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to break through the noise, when you’re planning any marketing campaign or producing collateral, design should be considered a core element that has just as much importance as the proposition itself and here are some pretty compelling stats that demonstrate just that…

The brain likes images far more than it likes text. In fact, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster (3M).
What do 93% of highly engaging Facebook posts have in common? They are all photo posts (Social Media Examiner).
After reviewing more than 1 million articles, BuzzSumo found that adding a visual every 100 words or so makes your content twice as likely to be shared.
When it comes to communicating brand story, 65% of senior marketers believe that visuals are core to their strategy (CMO Council).
93% of all human communication is almost non-verbal, which means that our brains prefer to perceive visual cues (DMP).
Having a video on your landing page pays off. In one study, it boosted conversion rates by 86% (CrowdRiff).
Video leaves a lasting impression. 80% of people say that they remember watching a specific video ad in the last month (Cisco).
Color boosts attention span and recall by up to 82%. With color, a person is 80% more likely to read a piece of content (Xerox).
.6 %
92.6% of consumers say that color dimension is the key factor affecting their purchase decision. (Kissmetrics)
It takes 8 impressions for consumers to memorise a logo design.
In a survey of 2,684 people, 46.1 percent said the most important determinant of website credibility was the design look, according to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab.
57% of all mobile users will not recommend a business if their mobile website is poorly designed or unresponsive. (Sweor, 2017).
The Design Council also determined was that “every £100 a design alert business spends on design increases turnover by £225” (Canva).
76% of Marketers believe that attractive graphic design makes your business seem larger than it actually is (Turquoise Creative).
Design skills contribute £209bn to the UK economy, a new report from the Design Council shows (Design Week).
By 2021, global revenue from ‘offline’ commerce channels will decrease by almost 20%. (Small Biz Genius).

most frequently used visual asset

1st – Stock photography
2nd – Original Graphics
3rd - Charts & Data Visualization
4th - Videos & Presentations
5th - GIFs & Memes
In terms of the most frequently used visual asset, stock photography leads at 40%. Original Graphics 37% come second, followed by Charts & Data Visualization 12%, Video & Presentations 7%, and Gifs & Meme 4%. (Venngage, 2018).
Storytelling, brand and design all work in harmony for the most effective seasonal marketing campaigns, these elements have limited effectiveness as component parts, we’d recommend that you begin Christmas campaign planning after Summer to ensure your business has the largest window of opportunity to craft credible campaigns that inspire good will with customers when the festive period begins.

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