Is your website mobile-friendly? Mobile technology goes without saying that it has become a vital part of our lives. We cannot live without them! Mobiles come with us wherever we go. It is the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we use before going to sleep. When travelling, we use them to navigate a destination, when we are waiting for the bus and when we are bored on the train. We use them 24/7!

A decade ago, a mobile phone was a luxury item, but today to connect with the world and socialise with our peers we use the item like we have always had one.

With that said, if your business does not have a mobile friendly website then you may as well hand over money to your competitors. It is a huge necessity for every single business.

So why wouldn’t you have a mobile-friendly website? Here are some of the most important points about having a mobile ready website that will help your business succeed in 2018:

Better browsing experience for your visitors – The content of your website is easier to read as the text, videos and images have been made to be mobile screen. This makes your site easier to navigate for those on a mobile device.

Serve the huge mobile user market – statistics have shown that online searches are mainly used from mobile devices, by 50% of users worldwide. Another study has stated that 57% of customers don’t like to buy from websites if they have a poor mobile website. This research evidently proves that to make your business successful you need to have this facility.

Online searches are mainly used from mobile devices by 50% of users worldwide
57% of customers don’t buy from websites if they have a poor mobile website

Enhance SEO rankings – mobile optimized websites are SEO friendly, so the major search engines will put these websites first over desktop only websites.

Build brand reputation – allowing your visitors to experience the mobile website, it will build the company’s reputation. In reverse, you could end up losing customers to other competitors if your website doesn’t look good on a mobile device, leading to a less attractive reputation

Increases the average time on a website and speeds up the loading time – mobile friendly websites will load quicker than a website that hasn’t been adjusted to work on a mobile. If your website takes longer to load customers will give up. Customers abandon a website that takes longer than 6-10 seconds to load. But if your website loads quickly then it increases the average time of a visit on the site.

Customers abandon a website that takes longer than 6-10 seconds to load

Lowers the bounce rate – if a visitor must constantly zoom in and out to read the content then they will get frustrated and leave the website. An un-optimized website for mobiles can increase website bounce rate – a higher bounce rate will mean lower search engine rankings.

Helps brand engagement – a mobile friendly website is more engaging, customers are more likely to return if they have a good experience.

Emerge can help

If you want help with creating a mobile-friendly website, then contact us at Emerge Design. Call us on 01952 632750 or email [email protected].

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