What is a logo? It is the main part of the visual identity of a company, represented by a symbol, mark or wordmark. They help customers acknowledge and remember your business, understand what you do and what you value.

When you think of a popular brand, what is the first thing that appears in your mind? The logo? If you think about the company Google, I can guarantee you’re imagining the four colours that make up the logo. Or McDonalds, you immediately think of the large yellow ‘M’ with a red background. They are both simple logos, but a vast number of people remember them easily across the world. The most successful brands tend to be those with a memorable logo, they don’t need to be complicated.

So, how do you make a logo stand out and become memorable to customers? There are many elements to an effective logo design, such as:

  • Memorability – by ensuring that at a glimpse people can make an instant association with your brand and understand what your business is about just by glancing at your logo. If your logo isn’t memorable then it is not effective, and the chances of people recognising your brand are minimised.
  • Simplicity – the most successful brands are those that don’t have an over complicated logo, as the easier your logo is to recognise the more effective it is. Simplicity is what makes a logo versatile, memorable and recognisable. Simple but effective logos help develop customer loyalty and create brand recognition.
  • Versatility – your logo needs to stand out on everything that it is placed on, but still holding brand consistency. It should maintain the same feel whether it is printed on a banner, website or paper for example. Also, still looking effective in full colour, black and white, single colour and grayscale. If your logo only looks good in full colour then consider having it redesigned, as it won’t be as effective.
  • Appropriateness – keep your organisations core operations and values in mind when creating a logo. They don’t just represent your company but also your target audience, so your logo design must appeal to them as well. Also, consider the image you use, they need to link appropriately to what your business is about. Ensure that you don’t give too much away, for example don’t use a product that you offer as your logo, this could restrict your growth.
  • Timelessness – when creating a logo make sure that it is not going to become outdated in a short period, as redesigns for logos and branding is expensive and time consuming. If it only suits a current trend/time, then it is more than likely going to have to be redesigned if you continue to want an effective logo.

If you follow these elements to an effective logo, then you never know your brand may become one of the most memorable logo’s like the ones below.

Make your branding glow!

We can design you a dazzling logo – to view a selection of logos Emerge has created, click here.

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P.S. We hope you have a sparkling bonfire night!

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