Instagram is the fastest growing social network. To begin with there were only 30 million users, but now there are 800 million monthly active users! The popularity rate with the platform is increasing and as the number of users increase daily so does the level of engagement.

It is exciting, and your business needs to experience this overwhelming growth with Instagram. You don’t need a huge marketing budget, a professional photographer or a stylist to make your Instagram account successful. Providing creativity, smart images and interaction will lead to followers and loyalty. Take a look at our Instagram page at:


The statistics below show why the platform is a great place to market your business or product.

There are 25 million+ business profiles on Instagram worldwide. Why would you not want your business to be part of this astonishing figure?

Emerge can help you improve your current social awareness

Get in touch with the studio to review and discuss your business page. We can also create social posts for you. Email [email protected] or phone 01952 632750.


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